Tips for Perfectly Slick Edges!

The #EDGESLICK is our 1st and most popular requested product and we’ve put in the work to make sure this formula WORKS! Here’s a few tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of using Edge Slick : 

  • Use this product in small amounts. A little goes a long way, seriously! This also helps with avoiding caked up product on your edge line and those funky white residues. Because let’s just be honest any edge control that you use too much of will cake up and turn white
  • When applying, grab your favorite edge brush, toothbrush or comb to work the product in. Working it in prolongs those edge looks for that 24 hr hold you’re looking for! 
  • If you’re an everyday dramatic edge slayer (YASSS) at some point you’ll need to wash out your edge line. Yes I said! WASH YOUR EDGES! Any product, edge control or not, that’s used in excess especially on a daily basis will cause buildup and white residues. White residues also occur when you’re using too much product or mixing with other products. Don’t worry about your edges. EDGE SLICK will help you snap them right back into place when they’re dry even from a natural curly or coil state


Keep an eye out for more posts on tips for using our products and head over to Instagram and send us a DM for more topics you’d like to see! 


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